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Holy Monastery of Prophet Elias Thira

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The Monastery

The Holy Patriarchal Stavropegion Monastery of Prophet Elias is located on the hill of the homonymous mountain, on an altitude of 567 m., 3 km away from the village Pyrgos of the municipality of Kalliste, on the southeastern part of the island of Santorini.


Monastic Daily work ("Diakonimata")

All of the monks, apart from praying, they are called to give to the monastic community which they belong. Therefore, each one takes over a diakonima (daily work), as its called in the monastic dictionary, and has to accomplish it, since every work is necessary for the proper functioning in a monastery.


The term "Aparchi"

The term "Aparchi" (in the beginning) has a deep history, and its usage is found in the long historic past, in the ancient Greek civilazation as much as the Israeli-old testamental era. From an etymological and interpretive point of view, the synthetics of the word "Aparchi" reveal its interpretation from the beginning: the absolute beginning, the starting point of a new thing.



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