Monastic Daily work ("Diakonimata")

All of the monks, apart from praying, they are called to give to the monastic community which they belong. Therefore, each one takes over a diakonima (daily work), as its called in the monastic dictionary, and has to accomplish it, since every work is necessary for the proper functioning in a monastery.

Beyond the diakonimata which exist for the service around of the coenobetic life and daily needs of the brotherhood, (i.e. cook, storage keeper, ecclesiastical, etc) in the Holy Monastery of Prophet Elias Thira, there are more diakonimata, that developed which are related to the cultivation of the land and the processing of the derivatives of the land. The fruits and the derivatives from occupation of the monks cover the needs of the brotherhood and its guests-pilgrims, while some of the products are packaged properly and are sold at the Monastery gift shop.

Thira (Santorini), is most likely themost important vineyard of our country. The way it is pruned and the "wrapping" of the vineyard which likes like a basket named "kouloura" (loop) due to the difficult weather condition, which always existed on the island mainly very strong winds.the volcanic ground is an important factor for the production of...

After the Monastery of Prophet Elias reopened in 1997 with the installation of the new brotherhood under Elder Damaskinos, one of the first projects carried out was planting olive trees. The aim was the self-sufficiency of the Monastery in olive oil, so that the produced oil could be used both for the feeding of the fathers and for the use...

The land of Thera, as is formed after the many eruptions of the volcano of Thera, has been enriched with chemical and natural elements and minerals which makes it extremely fertile. It is, therefore, possible to cultivate many species and with very satisfactory results.